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Seven Weeks of Thanksgiving: Week 6

The first people you see at our Sunday morning services are our greeters, and we have so many to thank for their service to Sackville United Church, this list is LONG!

This list starts with our most senior couple, Wallie and the late Norma Sears who have regularly greeted in June. David and Diane Fullerton are our regular December greeters, and Jane Braedley and Ron Sutherland have regularly taken on the role in November. Dianne and I usually serve in October, and as many others do, filled in on other times.

Back in the time before Covid, September was a tricky month to get covered with many of our congregation busy with Sunday School startup, others helping out with the audio-visual, and with the return of our church choir – the regular help from Dawn and the late Colin Estabrooks had filled that month very well. Dawn continues to serve as a greeter in September, and has has also filled in a number of times on short notice.

One long time greeter, Florence Hicks was my go to person used on short notice. Lauralee Michaelis, Stephen Law and Theo have been regular greeters in January. David Fleming and family have also served continuously for many years.

Each year we usually have some Mount Allison students in our midst who have also gotten involved in the life of our church and have greeted. Unfortunately, with restrictions this has not happened in a couple of years.

Regular greeters now include Elsie MacDonald and Catherine Gaw who covered August this year and more. Another effect of Covid is having members of our choir to greet including Eric and Margaret Tusz-King last October/November. Edward knuckles usually covers time in the summer but has been called upon on short notice on other times during the year.

Other members of our congregation who have helped out include Brenda Allen, Janet Hammock, Kathy Carr, Lois Hicks, Linda MacDonald, Jim and Shirley Hopkins, Glenda Thornton, Noah Throop, Chris Watts and Harris McSheffrey.

If I have left anyone off this list, please forgive me. When you start naming names there is a risk of overlooking someone.

Having said all of this, it may look like we have all dates covered for the church year, but there is always room to get involved in our church in this way. If you are interested in helping out for one Sunday or for a monthly long rotation, please contact me.

Yours in faith,

Frank Oulton, Greeter Coordinator

Stewardship Convenor

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