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Sharing Glimmers in Advent

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

If I were to ask you, What triggers you? you might respond with a word that brings forth feelings of anger or, you might speak of an image or picture how makes you feel sad, or a scene you witnessed that called forth a traumatic memory. And truth be told, many of us are easily triggered.


But what of the glimmers of hope, peace, joy, love, justice, mercy, and compassion that you see and witness? What of these? Do you take the time to capture them in the embrace of your heart and allow them to nourish you?


Over the course of our Advent season at Sackville United Church, each Sunday, following the lighting of the Advent Candle, there will be an opportunity to share glimmers of hope, peace, joy, love, justice, mercy, compassion and so on, that nourish and sustain us. Maybe you have a story or seeing an love filled interaction between a child and adult?  Or, maybe you have an experience of awe in nature that begs to be shared? Or, perhaps your glimmer is one read in a news story or witnessed on a street corner?


Glimmers are fleeting. Glimmers are elusive. Glimmers are the opposite of triggers. Glimmers are tiny moments of awe that spark joy and nurture inner calm which have a positive effect on our mental health.  Glimmers bring feelings of connection and contentment, and our body responds with positive energy. Glimmers help us to hold hope. Glimmers begged to be named, held gently, and shared lovingly in community.


Watch for the glimmers in your life and perhaps you’ll be moved to share what you have seen, witnessed or experienced, that helps you rejoice, hold hope, nurture peace or share love!


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