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Sold Out and Snowed In! Musings, February 10, 2020


Rather than ramble on here is a link to one of the resources I watched this afternoon.  Have a look.  Tell me what you think: Gatekeeping

And while you’re looking at videos here is a link to the tribute that the choir sang to me last night and a clip that includes some of the performers who wowed us with their karaoke abilities!  Thankfully the camera failed to capture me singing The Hockey Song!!

‘til Sunday,


Looking Ahead

Today saw a couple of meetings cancelled as a result of weather so I’ll try and reschedule them for later this week.  Tomorrow will see me in the office in the afternoon and evening for meetings.  Wednesday I am off to Moncton in the morning for my monthly gathering with other United Church ministry personnel.  In the afternoon I’ll meet with the Worship and Sanctuary Committee and in the evening with the Refugee Welcome Committee.  Thursday I’ll be working from home finishing up the liturgy and reflection for Sunday.  Friday and Saturday will be days off and on Sunday I’ll start all over again!

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