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Special Food Bank Sunday – Jan 22

“We had about fifty families this morning, so, again, our shelves are bare…”

Although Food Bank Sunday is typically held on the third Sunday of the month, the holiday schedule and recent cancellations meant that many of us were unable to bring our offerings of non-perishable food items last Sunday.

We will have a special Food Bank Sunday this Sunday, January 22.  We are asked to bring our offerings of non-perishable food items (or consider a monetary contribution to the food bank) to help meet the immediate needs of our neighbours and friends, even as we continue to address the underlying injustices that lead to long-term food insecurity.

Of particular need this month are:

  1. Jams

  2. Cheeze Whiz

  3. Peanut Butter/Wow Butter

  4. cans of fruit

  5. cans of vegetables

  6. Kraft Dinner

  7. cake mixes

  8. Hamburger Helper

  9. syrup

  10. decaf coffee/tea bags

  11. evaporated milk

  12. lunch bars

  13. little fruit cups

  14. little packages of Cheese and crackers

  15. cookies

Stocks of cereal, tomatoes, spaghetti sauce and pasta are at acceptable levels.

Thank you for your help in addressing this urgent need.

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