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Spirit and Art: Third Thursdays

Spirit and Art: Third Thursdays

February, March & April at 6:30

A small series of ventures in the arts to nourish your winter spirit.

These evenings are for those of any faith or no faith who desire to go deeper. You are welcome at one or all of these evenings and there is no charge. If you feel able, donations will be gratefully accepted to offset costs.

Coffee, tea or spiced apple juice will be served following each gathering.

February 19th     Zine making at 110 Main

Are there things you sometimes feel you would like to honour or celebrate by drawing or pasting or writing in a small handmade book? If so, this is your opportunity. Rachel Thornton and Emma Hoch will lead us through the process of making zines, small books, which may become containers for whimsy or wonder. Materials for making the small books will be provided. If you would like to draw or paint or write in your book, please bring those materials along.

March 19th     Jazz Vespers at 110 Main

The sax and piano duo of Jen Purdue and Branden Charles Olsen will provide music for a vespers worship bound together with reflections on the music of John Coltrane. Vespers is an observance held at the time when day passes into night; a time for quiet listening.

April 16th    Visio Divina at Fog Forest Gallery

We will gather at 110 Main and then proceed together over to the gallery which Janet Crawford has graciously opened for our practice of visio divina, sacred seeing, through the medium of the gallery’s art. When we arrive each of us will choose a piece of art that in some way calls us to pay attention. As we sit facing it we will be lead through a guided meditation with the art. Those who wish may return to 110 Main after this practice to further reflect through collage

For Zine Making and for Visio Divina please call the office at 506-536-0498 or e-mail  so there will be materials provided for you.

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