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SUC Executive Notes – September 2018

Keyboard (detail) with cross key

“worship and work must be one”

The Executive of the Congregation for SUC is continuing a process of regular updates of its actions in the effort to be as transparent and accountable to the congregation as possible.

Here are motions from the September 19th Executive Meeting:

  1.  Eric Tusz-King moved the approval of the (1c) recommendation for P&M to overspend the budget to repair the roof (see P&M report 1a & 1b) seconded by Elsie MacDonald.  Motion carried.  The Executive recommended that the Service agreement in 1e be revisited, try a twice-yearly preventative maintenance contract.

  2. Eric Tusz-King moved the acceptance of the June 25, 2018 minutes as circulated.  Elsie MacDonald seconded. Motion carried.

  3. Elsie MacDonald moved that the Executive direct Eric Tusz-King to establish an agreement with Visions United Church to serve as financial examiners for each other’s books.  Lois Hicks seconded.  Motion carried.

Other points of interest include:

  1. Reports received on this summer’s GO Project and current Social Justice Liason initiative

  2. Discussion of the October 28 visioning service planning

  3. Discussion of the continuing development of the Safe Space for Teens group

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