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SUC Executive Quarterly Report (Aug-Oct 2016)

Update on Activities of the Executive of the Congregation: August – October 2016

  1. Supported the ongoing exploration of Stewardship through additional conversations based on the “Holy Currencies” concept of stewardship and through supporting four worship services with Laura Hunter on this theme to take place in October/November.

  2. Supported two Fall fund-raising initiatives: Book and Bake Sale; So You Can Cook.

  3. Received an inventory of archival items/furnishings that are presently in the basement; received recommendations for their preservation; referred some recommendations to Property

  4. Supported the AFFIRM initiative through those responding to the initial Circle of Service appeal and set the first steps of the process in motion.

  5. Made plans for the upcoming Congregational Meeting for the purpose of receiving the proposed budget for 2017 and naming the incoming Chair-Elect and Communicator-Elect to the Executive.

  6. Continued to give attention to the need to develop a stronger Communications team

  7. Recognized the need to add members to the Finance & Investment Committee and began a search

We received the third-quarter financial picture (to end of September):

  1. revenue through givings is up by over $2000 from this time last year due to increased PAR givings (very encouraging)

  2. project income is beginning to increase through the fundraising efforts

  3. occupancy expenses have decreased more than $1000 less than last year (excellent)

  4. our portion of shared expenses is down by over $9000 due to not having a full-time minister

  5. total expenses are down by over $14,000

  6. We do still have a $14,000 owing on the Line of Credit, down by $12,000 from where we began in January; and we stay mindful of our debt to the Dixon Fund of $37,000 and to our housing allowance fund of about $7,000.

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