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Summer Office Hours

Here are the times we’ll look forward to seeing you in the office this summer!

June 28-30 (W-F): 9am-12pm

July 5,6 (W, Th): 9am-12pm

July 12, 13 (W, Th): 9am-12pm

July 19,20 (W, Th): 2-5pm

July 24 (M): 9am-12pm (the office will be closed from July 25-Aug 5) Aug 6 (Su): 11am-12pm Aug 12 (Sa): 9am-12pm* Aug 19 (Sa): 9am-12pm* Aug 26 (Sa): 9am-12pm* * the office will also be open briefly on Sunday mornings following church

Aug 30, 31 (W, Th): 9am-12pm

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