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Support the Church Beyond Your Lifetime…

My name is Ron Sutherland and I am the incoming chair of the Board of Trustee of Sackville United Church. . The other trustees at this time are Shelly Beaver, Mary Sears and Rev. Lloyd in his role as Minister.

The Board of Trustees holds all real and personal property of the congregation for the use and benefit of the congregation. Real property includes land and buildings while personal property includes monies, investments, and furniture and equipment. In exercising their responsibilities, the Trustees are governed by public statute, the United Church’s Trust of Model Deed, the direction of Church Council and, in the case of gifts and legacies, the wishes of the donor.

This morning I have been asked to speak briefly about legacy gifts. Sackville United Church has been fortunate over the years to receive a number of kind gifts. Dixon, Dryden, Smith amongst others are names that have contributed legacy gifts for the benefit of this congregation. With prudent management and investment, the current value of these gifts is approximately $370,000. Legacy gifts can take four forms:

  1. a bequest in your will.

  2. a gift of life insurance by making the United Church the beneficiary of that policy.

  3. making the United Church the beneficiary of any registered funds you may hold at the time of your death. Such funds include RRSPs, RRIFs and TFSAs.

  4. transferring stocks, mutual funds or bonds to the United Church at any time or donating these types of securities in your will instead of cash.

Time does not permit but you should be aware that there can be considerable tax advantages to you or to your estate in making a legacy gift. Please don’t hesitate to approach one of the Trustees if you have any questions about legacy gifts.

I should add that we have at least one vacancy on the Trustees and I would encourage you to approach me if you are interested in hearing more about this important role.

Please follow this link and watch a short video a short video produced by the United Church called Faithful Legacies.

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