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The Story of the Humming Bird

Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus) in flight isoloated on a white background

 The story of the hummingbird is a parable that has its origins in Haida and Quechan cultures. The story tells of a rainforest ravaged by a great fire, causing all of the animals to flee their homes. That is, all of the animals except one. The hummingbird Dukdukdiya, instead of flying away from the flames, goes to a stream and picks up a single water droplet in her beak, then drops it onto the fire. She continues to do this, over and over again, until the other animals finally ask her what she is doing. Dukdukdiya says “I am doing what I can”. 

 I first heard the story of the hummingbird when I was in the eighth grade. I thought, and still think, that it is an inspiring tale with an important message; it doesn’t matter if it seems like the effort you make is small and futile, doing something is always better than doing nothing at all.

In current times it is important for us to be like the hummingbird Dukdukdiya in wearing our masks, washing our hands, and social distancing as best we can. It may not stop everyone from getting sick or find a cure for Covid-19, but if we all do our part we can get to the end of this much faster.

I have great faith and hope in the future and in those around me, and in myself to be like Dukdukdiya the hummingbird in these difficult times. 

Bea Gauthier

Here is a link to the story of Dukdukdiya on YouTube:

On Thursday Bea was scheduled to come into the office and as I was laid up with my injured knee at home, I suggested she work at home for the morning too. Thank you Bea for an important message.

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