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We're PIE Affirming...

PIE - Public, Intentional and Explicit in our welcome and affirmation of LGBTQ2+ persons... and who doesn't like PIE!

I was so very sorry to miss the PIE auction and all the fun that went with it! There is always such energy in the room! Thank you to all who organized the event, those contributed pies and those who bid on the pies!

And, a great big special thank you to Charlie and Sue Trenholm who bid on AND won the coveted peanut butter pie AND brought me a piece this afternoon!

You are an amazing group of people who look amazing, especially with PIE on your face!!

Two of our own have lots of PIE to share: Janet Hammock and Jennie Del Motte! Recently, the song We're Affirming (There's Room at the Table), with lyrics and music written by Janet Hammock and the piano accompaniment, created by Jennie Del Motte was featured on the Affirm United: Worship and Reflection Resources page (scroll down as the newest material is at the bottom). Thank you Janet and Jennie for your ministry among us and with us!

No Rasta... you cannot have the last bite!

Chocolate is not good for you!

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