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Lent 2023

Seeking: honest questions

For Deeper Faith & MISSION in the WORLD

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Questions & Conversations

During Lent you are encouraged to join as we ponder deep questions as we seek a deeper faith and mission in the world. All are welcome to contribute in whatever way they can.


Follow this link to print your own copy of the Devotional Booklet. Follow this link to print your own copies of the Devotional Cards. Or contact the office and ask Jennie to print copies for you.  This link will take you to a web based version of the Devotional Booklet.

In order to protect the work of the creators, DO Not share these links or pos them on social media.

ProFuture Faith.png

ProFuture Faith

Join Lloyd and others and engage with eco-theologian Michael Dowd as we explore a ProFuture Faith. Register by emailing Lloyd directly. On Sunday you will receive the background material for the session and we will gather on Tuesday at 7PM to watch the lecture and share in conversation. 

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