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Mission and Ministry Discernment
Your participation in discerning the mission and ministry priorities for Sackville United Church is essential. As we arrive at Week Six, many ideas for moving forward have been generated.  You can read them here.

Questions for Discussion: Week 6

What Now?  How do we move forward?

Summary from
Week 2
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Thank you for your responses.

Your comments will be recieved by the Task Group

and held in confidence.

Your responses will be received by the Task Group

and held in confidence .

What? So What? Now What?

This model of discernment uses an adult learning model based on action/reflection, There are three phases, each with their own set of questions.


What? What is going on? Describe the present situation. So what? What is important in the information. Now what? What is our way forward?


Conversations will occur each Sunday morning as part of the latter portion of the liturgy and on Monday evening at 7PM via Zoom. Links to responses and the summary created by the Task Group will be posted below.


Now What?

So What?

The Task Group is comprised of Fiona Brett, Kate Cogswell, Julien Desrochers, Rebecca Houtsma,  and Stephen Poirer. Rebecca, as a member of the Task Group will also serve as a liaison to the Executive.


The role of members of the Task Group is to listen carefully to what they are hearing, synthesize those learnings, and communicate those summaries to the congregation.  Following this six-week process the group will report to the Executive and the congregation on what it heard and provide recommendations for moving forward.

& mission in the world

Summary from
Week 1
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