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Last night (Wednesday January 5th) the Executive of Sackville United Church met for their regular Grounding Meeting and reviewed their earlier decision to suspend in-person gatherings for the Sackville United Church congregation. It was decided, after much thoughtful discussion, to continue the suspension of in-person gatherings until Region 1 is returned to Level 1 of the Winter Plan.

Members of the Executive are deeply aware of the challenges this decision may pose, especially for those who are more isolated. Members of the Executive and Staff are committed to taking additional steps to support the community in these challenging times and will be providing additional opportunities to gather using technology. Please save this email so you have ready access to the opportunities to gather and relevant links.

Sunday Gatherings: Jennie and Lloyd will continue to provide an opportunity to gather via Facebook Live each Sunday morning. We hope that you will participate by greeting each other as you arrive and share in the time of prayer by writing your prayers of gratitude and care in chat box.

Community and Conversation following the Sunday Gathering: Join others via Zoom each Sunday following our Sunday Gathering to share in conversation and a time of community building. Use this link, or use Zoom Meeting ID: 833 4786 0285 and Passcode: WelcomeAll

Monday Morning (not at) Mel's: Join the group virtually at Mel’s each Monday morning at 10am. Sometimes we talk about the weather or the Sunday sermon and other times we talk about the news of the day. Stay for 10 minutes or until lunch time. Use this link, or use Zoom Meeting ID: 891 7377 0996 and Passcode: NotAtMels

Lectionary Study Group: Each Tuesday morning at 10:30am via Zoom you are welcome to join Lloyd in an initial exploration of the scripture texts for the coming Sunday. No prior knowledge or preparation is necessary. Bring your stories and experiences as we explore the texts together. Lloyd has come to call the group ‘The Preacher’s Help Group’ as it has proven to be so very helpful to him! Use this link, or use Zoom Meeting ID: 842 0882 6419 and Passcode: SUC

Virtual Community Dinner: Don’t eat alone in front of the TV on Wednesday evenings! Eat with others in front of your computer or tablet… Use this link, or use Zoom Meeting ID: 827 0380 1924 and Passcode: LetsEat

Broadview Discussion Group: Join others via Zoom each Thursday afternoon at 3PM for a conversation about an article in Broadview. Articles for discussion will be based on the day of the month and corresponding page number (of course we can look at others as well). And no, you do not need to have a copy of the magazine to participate. Use this link, or use Zoom Meeting ID: 879 1731 1910 and Passcode: Broadview

Sunday Gatherings: Our Sunday Gatherings will continued to be live-streamed via Facebook Live and on the last Sunday of each month we will host the gathering via Zoom in addition to streaming it on Facebook Live. We hope that this will provide an opportunity for greater interaction and sense of connection for folks. You can join via Facebook Live in the usual way – however, if you wish, you may take part via Zoom by using this link or Zoom Meeting ID: 824 2984 0784 and Passcode: ALL4ALL

Until Region 1 is returned to Level 1 of the Winter Plan please make appointments to visit the office. Jennie and Lloyd will be taking extra precautions to ensure your safety and theirs. Lloyd and members of the Executive will be making extra effort to connect with individuals by telephone and Lloyd will be limiting his in-person visits to urgent situations. You can assist in caring for your community by reaching out to a neighbour or someone you've not seen in a while. If you know of someone who may be having a particularly difficult time please inform the Minister.

Members of the Executive and the Staff of Sackville United Church seek your prayerful support and care as we seek to make decisions and provide services that are faithful and life-giving.

On behalf of the Executive,

Minister, Lloyd Bruce

Thanks to Teresa and John for allowing me to share their pictures here. I was able to get into the Drew in the week before Christmas to bring greetings on behalf of the congregation to them and other residents at the Drew. As you can tell by the smiles the visits were deeply appreciated.

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