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June 25 – Announcements

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Mondays       Centering Prayer Group                    9:30am Wednesdays   Coffee  with Open Sky                     ON PAUSE Thursdays    Parents & Tots                                      ON PAUSE 1st Thursday   Project Linus Blankets                   ON PAUSE June 25           Final USUC Service                             9am July 2-Sept 3   SPC Summer Services at SUC        10am July 9&23, Aug 13&27  Beer and Hymns                7pm


Summer in Sackville!

ANNOUNCEMENTS for June 25, 2017- 3rd Sunday after Pentecost

BEER AND HYMNS: Ducky’s Pub from 7-8pm on Sunday evenings:  July 9 & 23, August 13 & 27.  Come out and raise your voices (and glasses!).

GETTING IN TOUCH WITH REV.  LLOYD: Looking to get in touch with Lloyd?  He can be reached at or by calling (506) 940-1151.

LIFE, DEATH & AFTER WORKSHOP:  Anyone interested in participating in this process (either as a 1-day session or 3 shorter weekly sessions) is invited to sign up on the discernment board or speak with Bruce or Gary for more information.

Update on Extreme Hunger Appeal: The Canadian government will now match funds designated for famine relief made between March 17 and June 30.  Contributions marked “Extreme Hunger Appeal” can be left as part of your regular offering.  For further information or to make an online donation, visit here.

Summer Reading and Reflection: The summer reading group, Three Months, Three Books, Three Indigenous Writers is a go!  Please start your reading and plan to gather on June 29 to discuss, The Inconvenient Indian, by Thomas King. (reading lists are available at  the bulletin board. If you are planning to attend, please either sign up or email

Each gathering will be held at 618 Route 935, Wood Point at 10:00-11:30.(Each of these books has mature content and profanity. Reader discretion is advised!)


Luke 10:25-37


It’s a Song of Praise to the Maker, MV 30 In Loving Partnership, VU 603 Abundant Life, MV 143 Offertory: What Can I Do? MV 191 Prayer Response: Will You Come and Follow Me, VU 567 Walls that Divide, VU 691

SPC Summer Music Series

This summer, we’re doing something new and exciting at SPC!  Each Sunday morning worship this summer will feature a specific musical theme/genre, with a mix of popular hymns and familiar favourites we don’t always get to sing in church!  Join us for these joyful Sundays that will have you swaying in your seat!

July 2:  Canadian Songwriters July 9:  Country & Gospel July 16: Big Band/Crooners July 23:  Folk July 30: Rock ‘n’ Roll

Aug 6: Special Sappyfest Service Aug 13/20: Pulpit Supply (Sara Jewell/Gary MacDonald)

Aug 27: The Beatles Sept 3: More Canadian Songwriters

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