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Musings, January 15th 2019: It Was Only A Matter of Time…

…before the flu reached our home. As a result I’m working from home today having cancelled the two pastoral visits and a meeting that I had scheduled for today.

Thank you for the feedback so many have offered in respect to reflection offered on Sunday and for your interest in the Restorative Justice project that is being developed in cooperation with the Chaplain at Westmoreland Institution, Sylvio Belliveau. So far 5 individuals have expressed an interest in learning more about the opportunity to walk with inmates as they work toward repairing harm and restoration of relationships. Unfortunately the flu has also struck Sylvio’s home and he is off work all this week. As soon as he is back we will meet to firm up the program and plan for its implementation! If this strikes a chord in you drop me at note:

On another front, the Campus/Community Social Justice Project has its forum scheduled for tomorrow evening where Campus and Community Social Justice groups have been invited to come and learn of the important work that they are doing and to explore ways that they can work together. It is hoped that in this sharing groups will be encouraged to work together to apply for funding from the over $4000.00 that Sackville United Church has available through the Embracing the Spirit program.

In closing, light of Epiphany will soon lead us to the edge of the wilderness and the season of Lent – forty days set aside (from Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday) to enter into the wilderness of our souls and seeking quiet, openness and emptiness. Lent is more than a period of self-denial and giving up indulgences; it is about preparation and encounter. It was in the desert where Jesus encountered the demons of his deepest temptations, but it was also where he found God’s sustaining presence and love. Perhaps you’d like to join on the journey? Beginning on March 6th for our Ash Wednesday Service we will meet at 6PM for a crock-pot meal and a time of quiet reflection and exploration using resources from the Work of the People.s from the Work of the People. You can catch watch previews if you follow the link.

But until then, we’ll continue to walk in the light of Epiphany! This Sunday we jump from the story of the baptism of Jesus in Luke’s gospel to the story of Jesus turning the water into wine in John’s gospel. Here’s a story song by the Common Cup that might get you in the spirit of the text: Cana Wine. See you Sunday!


Looking Ahead

Yesterday had me engaged in pastoral visits in homes and at the hospital. Today I’ll be working from home. Tomorrow if all goes according to plan I’ll share in a meeting with some colleagues in the morning followed by providing supervision for the Queer Room in the afternoon and participating in the Campus Community Social Justice Forum in the evening. Thursday will be devoted to sermon writing and finishing the liturgy for Sunday and meetings with the Worship and Sanctuary Committee and Executive Committees of Sackville United Church and the Sackville Pastoral Charge. Friday and Saturday will be days off and on Sunday I’ll start all over again!

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