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Musings, Monday January 21st 2019: And Then There Was Ice…

A Good Monday Afternoon! Well, for all the snow that came down on Sunday morning I can see the pavement in the driveway this morning – through the sheen of a thick layer of ice! I was out at 6:30 this morning spreading salt as school was not cancelled on this side of the marsh and Jen and the girls had to slip and slide their way to the classroom… I chose not to venture out and instead have spent the day working from the dining room table: reading and previewing various resources as I prepare for the season of Lent and the various services and study groups that will be offered. It’s been a productive day!

My view of Rasta from the dining room table…

This Sunday will see us begin the run of Annual Congregational Meetings and I am looking forward to having an extended period of time with the Upper Sackville congregation. We will gather at 9am at the home of Gayle and Doug Key (you can park at the church and there’ll be a shuttle to get you up there so as not to clog the driveway with cars). Our time together will begin with a worship service in the comfort of Doug and Gayle’s great room followed by some informal discussion about our life together as a community. We’ll wrap our time together up with the necessary formal motions and some food and drink! Hope to see you there!

The Rev. Catherine Gaw will be providing leadership at the 11am gathering of Sackville United Church. Thank you Catherine! The Annual Congregational Meeting for Sackville United Church will take place on Feb 3rd at about 12:15pm – following the benediction. We’ll take a break for one Sunday and then on Feb 17th, again at about 12:15pm the Sackville Pastoral Charge Annual General Meeting will take place.

‘til then, if not before, Lloyd

Looking Ahead

Today was spent at the dining room table and in living room reading and writing as I prepare for the season of Lent. I will be in the office on Tuesday morning and out doing visits in the afternoon. On Wednesday I have a meeting in the morning followed by three pastoral visits and time with the youth of the Queer Room. Thursday will see me working from home in the afternoon followed by a meeting with the Sackville United Church Executive. Friday and Saturday will be days off and as above, on Sunday I’ll be with the Upper Sackville congregation for the Annual Meeting…

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