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Musings, November 27th 2018: Waiting for a Window of Time…

A good Tuesday morning to you!

Advent begins on Sunday – a time of waiting and anticipation, reflection and preparation!

I find myself this morning looking for a

window of time when Jen and I might find enough time to put up the exterior lights… let alone begin to think about putting up the Christmas tree!

Kate, was ever so helpful on Saturday and brought the outdoor lights in from the shed and put them inside the patio door so that they might warm up… and be an ever-present reminder that I need to make time to string the lights. Notice the shift: find time versus make time. It’s not an easy one…

Reality is, that time, each hour, each day, is mine and mine alone to divide up, and apportion to what I deem valuable and important in the midst of competing interests and demands. Friday. The lights will go up on Friday!

Until then I’ll move them and step around them and be thankful for each day!


Yesterday was a much-needed day off. I had breakfast with my father-in-law George at the Big Stop after

which he drove Rasta and I to the bridge. Dad met us on the other side and drove us to Hilldside where I picked up a new truck! Two weeks of waiting finally over! Christmas came early!!

Today (Tuesday) I am in the office in the morning and then to Moncton for a workshop at the Hospital and a meeting.

On Wednesday I’ll be working from home in the morning and then having lunch with two dear friends before working through the afternoon and evening with a series of meetings and visits.

Thursday will be a writing day and in the evening the Executive of Sackville United Church will meet.

Friday and Saturdays will be days off. I’ll put up Christmas lights on Friday and on Saturday I’ll travel to Antigonish and celebrate with Jennifer as she is conferred with a Masters in Education degree from St. FX.

Unfortunately – I can’t be in Antigonish and at the Hanging of the Greens Gathering at Sackville United Church at the same time! I do hope that many of you will gather at Sackville United Church at 6PM on December 1st for the pot-luck supper and decorating party! Many hands make light work – and lots of fun!!

On Sunday we will gather at Upper Sackville at 9AM and at Sackville at 11AM as we begin the Advent journey and share hope in our midst.

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