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Musings of the Minister, April 30th 2018

Can I Get An Amen?

What a full and rich day Sunday was – spontaneous participation during the gathering at Upper Sackville and deep, enriching conversation rooted in vulnerability at the Sackville United Church gathering followed by a service at the Drew Nursing Home and the covenanting service for the new Minister with the Parrsborough Shore Pastoral Charge.

Corey, Elise and Joselyn, thank you for sharing your stories with us – our lives are richer as a result!  And, I must confess, I was tearing up as Jennie and Corey sang Can I Get An Amen…

My emotional reaction (and I was not alone) was in part, rooted in the vulnerability that was shared, especially Elise’s words toward the end where ze spoke of not having a pronoun, being invisible, or being identified with the wrong pronoun and pain that comes with that… and the other part of my emotional reaction was linked to the memory of my own pain as a young person, struggling to love myself a hearing impaired child who talked and walked differently from the rest of the kids.


Perhaps there is a learning here – that the beginnings of authentic relationship begins in places of vulnerability, and that their is much to be gained in being vulnerable ourselves – and, sensitive and open to the vulnerability of others.

It is my continued hope and prayer that our faith communities will each be places where folk feel safe in their vulnerability and may come to love themselves, so that together, in community we might live out this love in the wider world: affirming, supporting, accepting, nurturing and caring for all.

Can I get an amen…?


PS: a copy the video from the live stream of the Wonder Cafe Conversation with Corey, Elise and Joselyn can be found here on our Facebook page.

Highlights of the Week Ahead…

  1. On Monday I’ll be working from home in the morning and then heading to Moncton in the afternoon to visit at the hospital.

  2. Tuesday will see me at the Drew in the morning and that evening I am attending the Annual Meeting of the Sackville Cemetery.

  3. Wednesday I have visits and a meeting scheduled and I suspect that the grass is going need cutting by that evening…

  4. Thursday will include rounds at the hospital and a local private residential care facility followed by a conference call with a General Council committee later in the afternoon.

  5. On Friday I hope to make it over the the AWI Fund-Raiser at Cattail Ridge – maybe I’ll make it a bicycle trip!

  6.  Jennie is away on Sunday and we look forward to welcoming Harold Miller and friends to Upper Sackville and Harris McSheffery who will offer music at Sackville United.

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