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Musings… On Broken Pipes and How Far Does One Go Back

The picture says it all – a broken pipe, a broken grey water waste pipe. It broke off right behind the gate valve at a junction that leaves little to no room to make a repair.

to repair it, I fear I am going to have to go right back to where the pipes exit the holding tanks… thankfully it is taking some time for the parts to arrive, and I am able to procrastinate without any feelings of guilt.


Where to start? How far to cut back? What parts do I need? There are more questions then that are answers… not unlike ministry these days… not unlike life itself!


And then I am reminded of those wise words, attributed to Laozi, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” And the hardest step is sometimes the first one.


Such is the case in many such arduous or challenging decisions that will mark endings or leave-taking. The decision to move. The decision to separate. The decision to end a business. The decision to leave a job… and the list goes on… made so much more challenging because of the unknown – of not knowing what one is leaving to…


But step forward we must as standing still is not an option.  One step at a time. And as we step forward on the road of life this Monday morning, might we continue to hold one another in care – especially those who are faced with endings and uncertainties.





PS, and if there any plumbers in the audience who’d like to crawl around under an RV and help me fix a pipe – there is a special place in heaven for you!


Looking to the Week Ahead

Today I have three pastoral visits scheduled for this morning which wil be followed by hospital visits in Moncton and Sackville.  This evening I will be sitting in on the meeting of Central United Church Council as their Pastoral Charge Supervisor.


On Tuesday I have three meetings booked for the morning and a late lunch meeting with a member of the Ministry and Personnel Committee. The Lectionary Study Group is not meeting. On Tuesday evening I am off to the Dorchester for a meeting of the LGBTQ group there as a support person.


Wednesday has nothing booked (yet) – and if it stays that way, and the part arrives… I may venture to the shore to try and repair the pipe reference above. Pray for me please.


Thursday I have two visits scheduled for the morning and in the afternoon I’ll be at the office working on the liturgy for Sunday.


Friday and Saturday will be days off and on Sunday we will gather to mark Mother’s Day and Asian Heritage Month with leadership offered by Gary MacDonald (reflection) and I. Thank you Gary!

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