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No Monday Musings... A Shortened Week!

I took yesterday off and as a result I have no Musings to offer – but – I do still like to keep the community appraised of what I am doing on your behalf.


This morning, I will be working from home until noon, responding to emails and hosting the Lectionary Study Group. After lunch I will be to the hospital and nursing home for visits.


On Wednesday morning I have two meeting booked before the Coffee Gathering with Open Sky at 10AM. Why not come out for coffee and treats before you get snowed in tonight with the spring storm that is on its way! I am hoping to schedule a couple of pastoral visits for the afternoon and in the evening I will gather with the SUC Executive for their monthly Grounding Meeting.


I have a medical appointment scheduled for Thursday morning that I fear may be cancelled if the forecast holds true… and in the afternoon I will be working on the final liturgy and reflection for our Wandering Heart series.


I have meetings scheduled for Friday afternoon in Moncton. This work is in relation to my appointment as Pastoral Charge Supervisor to Visions United Church by the Regional Council.


Saturday will be a day off and on Sunday I look forward to gathering in community to mark the 2nd Sunday of the Season of Easter! We’ll hear the story from John 21 where Jesus makes breakfast, questions Peter, and three times, tells Peter to “Feed my Lambs”.


You may be interested to know that I have figured out the coding that allows you to view the most recent Sunday Gathering recording directly from our website without needing a Facebook account. Simply follow this link.

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