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Opportunities to Serve…

John Shelby Spong in his book Unbelievable: Why Neither Ancient Creeds Nor the Reformation Can Produce a Living Faith Today which I am presently reading writes:

If God is the source of life, then the worship of this God forces me into the task of living- living fully. Then that which we call God becomes visible in others as the fullness the depths of our ability to live,

Live fully… offer your time, wisdom and talent to these worthy endeavours and contribute to bringing into being the realm of love and justice.

Restorative Justice 333: In Cooperation with the Chaplaincy Department at Dorchester Penitentiary

Would you like to walk with someone who is seeking to repair the harm they have caused – and assist in restoring a sense of community? Chaplain Sylvio Belliveau is seeking six volunteers who would walk with three inmates over the course of six sessions – beginning March 28th with a training session and continuing April 11th and through to June 13th with the first two sessions (after the training event) taking place at Westmoreland.

On February 7th at 7PM (TOMORROW) Sylvio will be holding a recruitment session at the Sackville United Church.  Over the course of an hour he will provide an overview of the program and the schedule, answer any questions and have Enhanced Reliability Forms available for those interested to complete.

The proposed dates of the sessions are March 28 for training; April 11 and 25 at Westmoreland and May 2, 16 and 30; June 13 2019 at Sackville United Church.

Food for Thought

Melanie Ball, a TRHS teacher, and Principal Susan Lafford are working with Heather Patterson to expand and solidify a brown bag lunch program for hungry kids at all three of Sackville schools.

The name of the program is “Food for Thought”. The three Sackville school principals have estimated that as many as 10% of their students do either not have a lunch or not enough good food in their lunches. If our children are hungry, it is very difficult to concentrate and learning is inhibited.

We have been granted permission to use the cooking facilities at TRHS and they are lovely and a really good start. The way the program will work is that we will make lunches 4 days a week, twice on Monday and 1 hour a day for Tuesday to Thursday. We are going to have students from the Culinary program help. The lunches will then be delivered to Marshview Middle School and Salem Elementary and, of course, the lunches will be made available to the TRHS students.

I expect volunteers will only have to dedicate approximately one hour per week (we’ll get good at it after awhile). If you are interested in helping, please, contact me at The following is the schedule so, if you would like to help, please choose a time.

Monday 9:30AM – 10:30AM and 2-3PM, Tuesday 1-2PM, Wednesday 2-3PM and Thursday 1-2PM.

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