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Returning Home to A Month of BirthDays...

Here I am for the second time in less than five days staring at a blank Microsoft Word screen, and again, I am recalling with gratitude and longing the carefree and rest filled days of my time of sabbath and vacation… oh well, as they say (whoever they are), “All good things must come to an end…”.

August it seems is a significant month in the way of birthdays in our growing family! We have birthdays on August 2nd and 9th, three (if you count Rasta) on 13th and on the 30th. This year I turned 58 and I can see sixty – perhaps all too clearly! So much to give thanks for and so much more that I’d like to see and do!

Jenn and I arrived home early on the morning of August 3rd (a day late for Justin's birthday) from our trip to Alaska, and later that same morning I was called to the Moncton Hospital to respond to a pastoral emergency. The rest of that week is a blurr that included a wedding rehearsal, a wedding and two other pastoral situations that need attention! Thankfully Sunday only required me to flip pancakes as I could not have done much more. Sunday afternoon I was over to PEI to see my Mom who has been in hospital going on five weeks and on Monday I drove to Canning, NS to visit my son and his partner in their new home!

On August 8th, the day before I turned 58, I gathered in Truro with a group that has come to call themselves the Maritime Progressives. There were more than forty of us who gathered with Nancy Steeves for a time of sharing, learning, and exploring progressive Christianly and theology. Wednesday and Thursday included some extended time in the office wading through emails and sharing in some pastoral visits and meetings. Somewhere in the midst of that (and on Saturday morning) a reflection got written and I had something to offer yesterday! It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and to be welcomed back into the embrace of community! Thank you! I hope their are moments of joy and celebration for you as we make our way through these August days!


Today I am in the office in between three scheduled pastoral visits.

Tomorrow I have two visits scheduled and three meetings and as of this morning, there are only two meetings scheduled for Wednesday.

On Thursday, after getting the truck serviced in the morning, I expect to be working on a reflection and liturgy for Sunday – maybe at the shore if it is a nice day??

The Lectionary Study Group will resume in September.

Looking ahead to fall, if there is a topic you'd like to explore or a weekly activity or event that you'd like to see Sackville United Church offering, drop us a note and share your idea or request!

Arriving in Vancouver

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