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September 6th 2020, Summer Sundays: One Verse & Space to Listen

During July, August and the first two Sundays in September, you are invited to join the Sackville Pastoral Charge for its Summer Sunday Gathering Online: One Verse & Space to Listen. These gatherings are 30 minutes in length and include one verse hymns, brief prayers and a brief reflection on one verse of scripture. Lloyd and Carolyn alternate in presiding at each service and are so very grateful for the ministry of music that Jennie and Edward offer.

The service for each Sunday will be posted on the Sackville Pastoral Charge Facebook page early on Sunday morning. At about 9:50AM, in an effort to encourage community, a Watch Party will be hosted with invitations sent far and wide! Please consider joining others from your deck, in your kitchen, your trailer, or even from the comfort of your bed!

If you are unable to join in the Watch Party do not be dismayed, the service will remain available on the Facebook page and here on this page. Each week this page will be updated with a link to the service saved on the Sackville Pastoral Charge website so that those who are not on Facebook can view the service here. Links will be found below.

Blessings on the Summer Sundays!

Lloyd, Carolyn, Jennie and Edward

Summer Sunday Gatherings Online: One Verse & Space to Listen

Here are some additional worship services that have been provided by the staff of the Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council:

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