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Advent 2023: How Does A Weary World Rejoice?

On Sunday November 26th we will again join in the annual pilgrimage that is Advent as we ask and seek to answer the question: How does a weary world rejoice? using resources developed by A Sanctified Art and adapted by Jennie and I for our local context.

When I first learned of the theme for this year I was already weary. Weary over war and global inaction on hunger and injustice. Weary over political posturing with no meaningful change. Weary over the loss of friends and the continuing challenges to human rights in the province of New Brunswick and many other places of the world. And now, with Advent just around the corner, with war raging in a land claimed as holy by Christians, Jews and Muslims, rejoicing is the farthest thing from my mind! But I remain hopeful...

In reviewing, the theme resource and revising and adapting the worship resources for weeks of Advent and Christmas, hope has been nurtured within me and I trust that it will be for you too!

Resources for How does a weary world rejoice? can be found here:a Schedule of Sunday Gatherings and Special Events, Advent Calendars, A Daily Devoltional Booklet, and Poems for Advent written by the creators of the resource. If you have any trouble accessing any of the resources, or wish for us to print a copy of one or more of the resources for you, please contact the office and we'll do our best to help.

Plan now to join in community each Sunday of Advent and be reminded that we rejoice by acknowledging our weariness, finding connection, allowing ourselves to be amazed, singing hope and making room for love!

Happy Advent,


Looking Ahead

This morning I am in the office and at 1PM I will be officiating at a Graveside Funeral Service for the late Frances Fawcett, a member of Upper Sackville United Church and St. Paul's United Church before she became a resident at the Drew. We hold her children Janet and Brian Tingley and their family and friends in our care.

On Tuesday morning I will again be in the office with a meeting at 9AM and the Lectionary Study Group at 10:30AM followed by another meeting at 11:30AM and then a meetng in Moncton in the afternoon. Regrettably this means that I will miss the Seniors Sharing Lunch gathering and the Caregivers Support Circle.

At 10:00AM on Wednesday I will gather with the Worship and Sanctuary Committee, Open Sky participants and everyone else who wants to take part, to decorate the sanctuary for Advent and Christmas. We'll share coffee, tea and hot chocolate and Christmas treats and we hang lights and decorations and then, when the work is done, we'll share lunch together! I have two pastoral visits booked for Wednesday afternoon and expect to get to the Drew as well.

Thursday will be devoted to finalizing the liturgy for Sunday and writing a reflection for our gathering on Sunday, the first of our annual Advent pilgrimage.

On Friday morning I'll be roling up my sleeve for another COVID vaccination before heading to Moncton for a meeting with Shawn Redden as part of our collaborative ministry exploration.

Saturday wll be a day off... and maybe I'll hang some Christmas lights if the weather cooperates? If so, then I'll surely be in the Advent spirit for our gathering on Sunday! Hope to see you there - in-person or via Facebook Live!

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