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Musing... on The Beauty of Fall Days and Generosity of Spirit!

What a gift of a day Saturday was in so many ways! A beautiful fall day for the Fall Fair Parade, the Mount A Homecoming Football game and a celebration of love and inclusion in the park in response to news that a Freedom Rally was to be held by those who would wave F*ck Trudea and Hold the Line flags in our midst. Thanks to all who made the day possible!

For the past 17 days I have been blogging #30daysofgratitude, taking time to intentionally name all those organizations, businesses, and entities in our community that I (and many others?) largely take for granted.

So far this experience, and especially the experience on Saturday, has reminded me how important the spirit and energy of this town is! And of course, that spirit and energy arises out of the people who make up this community – people who are open to one another and committed to the well-being of their neighbours, people who have good will toward one another – especially those who are newcomers or new to the area.

I must say, while reading Bruce Wark’s excellent account of the events of the day in The New Wark Times, I laughed out loud, when he quoted a protester, who refused to give their name with these words:

“Simple things that we take for granted like flea markets and the tooth fairy. How are you going to give your kids change any more, when there’s no change? It’s things like that that’s really deep with me,”

If my deepest concern were the tooth fairy, I guess I wouldn’t be giving my name either.

I am proud to a part of this town. Yes, I live in Amherst and on Sunday night I was filled with shame as I witnessed the same bunch from Saturday camped out at the Nova Scotia welcome centre… but my vocational life is here and I will give my name to anyone who sees me holding a PRIDE flag and standing beside those marginalized and disenfranchised.



Looking Ahead

I am in the office this morning and this afternoon I am in Moncton for a couple of meetings.

Tuesday morning will be devoted to the Lectionary Study Group which begins at 10:30AM and at 12:30PM I have one other meeting that is related to my commitment to the larger United Church. On Tuesday evening I will be at Dorchester Institution offering support to a 2SLGTBQIA+ group that has begun there.

On Wednesday morning I will be making rounds at the Drew with Rasta and in the afternoon I expect to be attending to a couple of Pastoral Visits.

Thursday will be devoted to crafting a liturgy and reflection for Sunday and if the weather forecast holds true, I might do my writing at the trailer (for the last time) before closing it up for the season.

Friday and Saturday will be days off and on the Sunday of this weekend made a long-weekend by virtue of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, you are encouraged to wear orange! We will gather in community at 11AM on Sunday and ponder again how it is we can continue to work toward truth and reconciliation with our indigenous siblings.

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