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Musings of the Minister, April 16th 2018

A Day of Unexpected Grace

Comunion hands

God of my childhood and my call, make me a window, not a wall. So like an icon, may I be a sign of love’s transparency, and through the love that lives in me, proclaim Your lasting love for all. Come, O my Maker, make of me a mirror, so that all may see within themselves Your saving grace, reflection of Your Holy Face, an image of Your warm embrace and nurturing reality. Creator, recreate us all. Come, lift us up before we fall. You are the Wisdom and the Way, the Dawning of Unending Day, the Word we sometimes fail to say within our canon of recall. Sister Miriam Therese Winter

The words above greeted me as the day began with a dead car battery that led to an unexpected early departure to drive kids to class… that in turn led to an unexpected meeting at the office which went longer than it should have… requiring a faster than legal drive to Moncton for a meeting that started at 10am and went longer than it should have and required another meeting after that meeting…  Costco for some groceries was a reprieve from the chaos of the day!

Noon brought news of a death in the community which required some initial time to move things around so as to be able to be available to conduct the funeral on Thursdays,  After a brief meeting at the funeral home with members of the family and the Funeral Director I headed home to take the roast out the slow cooker and make gravy and then sat down to eat…

I am writing this from the Church as I wait for the start of the Affirm Committee meeting at 7pm after which I’ll go out and spend some time with the family of the deceased and begin planning for the celebration of their father’s life on Thursday…

All of the above to say, I’m glad I took the time to read that poem at the beginning of the day.  It reminded me then, and reminds me now of the call to be a window through whom other see love – may it be so for all of us. Lloyd


Highlights for the Week

Today,,, is almost done!  On Tuesday I will be with the Spiritual Literacy Group at 10am followed by a Presbytery Executive meeting at 1:30pm and a meeting with some of the Sunday School Teachers later in the day.

On Wednesday I’ll be attending the regular meeting of Chignecto Presbytery at the Maritime Conference Centre (regrettably missing the Volunteer Recognition Luncheon at the Drew) followed by a webinar at 8:30pm on decision making.

On Thursday I will officiate at the funeral of Mr. John Shaw (Dave Shaw, his son will be familiar to many as the (now retired) bartender at Ducky’s).  I’ll then spend the rest of the day finalizing things for Sunday.

On Friday I am off to the Island to spend the evening with my family as we celebrate my mom’s birthday.  We’ll spend the night there and return Saturday in time for the Auction and Dessert Event.  Hope to see you there and then again on Sunday!!

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